Still Limpimg Along

My PC will be fixed today, but I can’t get down to San Marcos to pick it up until next Tuesday, so I’m still “limping along” on the old PC.  No telling how many e-mails I have?

Last Thursday I went over to Scott & White Hospital in Temple and had the stent removed from my bladder and, just like my doc said it would, it healed up fine!

Then, the next day, Friday the 11th at 12:30 PM, I went back over to the dermatology clinic to have a small cancerous spot, about a quarter of an inch in diameter, removed from my nose.  To go after this one, the doc was using the Mohs Procedure.  This procedure entails removing the cancer in slices, freezing the slices, then, to be sure that all of the cancerous cells have been removed, observing the slices with a microscope.

To observe the progress of the operation, I was provided a mirror, but after the first cut I quit looking and then doc told me to get as comfortable as possible because this one looked like a long one.  Long it was!  At 7:30PM, after seven iterations, the doc finished and announced that all of the cancer on my nose had been successfully removed and that the cancer hadn’t grown into the cartilage!  The skin graft and bolster holding the graft in place was ready and the resident docs assisting attached both to my nose and I was on my way home.

My instructions were simple; do nothing for one week, don’t get the bolster wet and come back on the 18th and have the stitches and bolster removed.  By tonight I’ll see how my nose held up and what it looks like.  The doc took “before and after” pictures and will send them to me, but I tthink That I will decline to post them.

This past week has been something; no going to football games so the rain, we have been blessed with, won’t get the bolster wet, no dove hunting, no work, no morning walks, nothing but sitting around reading and watching Fox News.  It has ceased being “fun”!

As I mentioned in my September 7 post [“Limping Along”], if obamacare passes I would have been told, “Just go home and wait for your nose to fall off.”  I’m still in the process of getting everything fixed before it’s too late!