When I get to writing, who knows what will come out! A couple of times a year I’ll go back and review the stories and pick out some “zingers”. At least they’re “zingers” to me….

Sometimes I write profound statements

Everyone should always remember that of all the nations we have freed from tyranny, we have only asked one thing – “Just give us the space to bury our dead.”

Sometimes it’s about the weather

As I reached the old windmill on Crumley’s property and looked out over his field, there wasn’t much seeing since the fog was heavy and everything was fogged in!

                                                                                                                                  Sometimes I try to be funny:
We always said, “Rooster was the fastest three legged, dog around!”

This one, (a writin’ spider), the third around the old house, was on the northeast corner and it was real busy writin’.

Sometimes it’s about sports or exercise:

Tuesday’s walk had a little bit of everything, some hasty “shots”, some poor shooting, some excitement, my right knee didn’t hurt and I worked up a good sweat. What a way to start the day!

Sometimes I just get confounded:

I must be getting liberal because it makes me “feel good” too!

If I were more technical I would show the blown up “shot”, but, still, it is a big one!

Sometimes It’s About Reality:

You may know that our State’s Flower is the bluebonnet, but just think about this next time you stray into a bluebonnet patch!

When I was younger, and gasoline was under $.25 per gallon, we thought nothing of driving in one day, half way across our fine, State to watch multiple football games, now I’m watching Grandsons play!