Softball Starts Early

Softball in January? Yes, softball season is starting early this year. January 9,10 and 11, Layla and I will be in Lakeland, Florida and I will be participating in the Tournament Of Champions. We will be playing 8 champions from other states and regions. The Texans, qualified for this event by winning the Texas State Championship in June of last year.

Here, as manager for the State Championship Tournament, I’m accepting the trophy for my team.


Everyone is smiling as we won the Softball Players Assoc., National Championship last September.

With no practice or game time under our belts for the past 3 months we don’t know what to expect, but with each man on our team having over 60 years experience, we should be able to call on this and come out OK. At least Lakeland’s weather forecast is for highs in the mid 70’s and lows in the low 50’s. Not bad for January!