A Whopper

Dad is all smiles, and his son, the lucky hunter, is beaming over the very nice, mature, buck he shot in late, December at the {RRR Ranch}, here in Mills County. The buck scored a gross of 130 B&C and netted 126.
The buck has a very wide spread for Mills County, but these older deer look much different post rut having slimmed down and lost up to 30% of their body weight.
Now for ‘the rest of the story’.
Pictured are the 2007 sheds for this deer.
This year’s gross score 130, last year 126. Base in 2008 was 4.2 inches, 2007, 4.0. G-1 was 3.1 this year and 3.0 last. G-2 in 2008 was 11.1 last year was 10.0. G-3 in 2008 was 9 last year was 8.3. This deer had reached maturity and had added no points but 4 inches overall!
This was a real nice trophy for the young hunter!