Shooting With Wesley

Last Saturday Wesley, my Grandson and Paul, his Dad and my Son-In-Law, did some shooting. We spent some real quality time teaching Wesley the finer points of shooting and firearm safety.

Paul had his Dad’s, now his, Remington 511, .22 cal. Rifle. My first rifle was a Remington 510, single shot, that my Dad bought for me in 1945. The two guns are identical except the 511 is drilled and tapped for a scope and is clip fed.

Paul is going over with Wesley correct shooting technique and stressing gun safety!


Wesley is taking aim



His first shot was six o’clock low. Notice the “home made” target. Any used paper plate will do! Earlier, checking out the scope, Paul had nailed his first shot, dead center.

Wesley’s second shot was just off the “bull”. His third shot was in the bull’s eye.

Wesley is now ready to move up to his Dad’s .223 and go after a deer. We’re planning on the second week of the season and I’ll let everyone know about his success!