A Trip To San Marcos

On Tuesday I drove down to San Marcos, originally to see my Grandson, Austin, play in a middle school football game, but he had come down with something and didn’t get to suit up. His Dad, and my Son, Randy, had a birthday on the 12th and Rebekah, his daughter has a birthday next week, so I thought that I would kill two birds with one stone and deliver their b’day cards in person.

Driving through their subdivision toward their house, on both sides of the street, I started seeing deer, not one or two but bunches! Within three blocks, there must have been a hundred or more and all does or yearlings!

Finally, stopping the truck, I snapped this “shot” at the largest bunch.

Debbie, my Daughter-In-Law, had fixed Randy a late B’day dinner, including cake, and he then rushed of to a planning and zoning meeting, so I enjoyed a nice dinner on their shady, front porch, with Debbie and three of my Grandkids. Debbie mentioned that the city and their subdivision is at a loss about what to do with the deer?

Austin and San Marcos are the two most liberal towns in our state, and this problem could be fixed with bows and arrows, game nets or traps. New Jersey, Connecticut, Neuvo York and Pennsylvania are plagued with deer running wild in their towns and these folks just wring their hands and, like San Marcos, do nothing and the problem grows!

Driving out of their subdivision I spied two bucks and snapped a “shot” at them. They were grazing on the newly sprouted grass.

On August 4th, I posted a story and pictures about “What Is A Melanistic Deer” that Randy had photographed in his subdivision and there was no grass, just dry barren yards.

The city was in the midst of the worst drought in memory.

But the breaking of the drought is another story!