Shooting, August 8, 2012

It’s still hot in central Texas and we were dressed accordingly!  Late yesterday morning we went our and shot my .380 pistol, the pistol has a built in laser sight that we used extensively and it really improved our accuracy.

Suz and her boys came down for a stay, they went home yesterday, but before they started traveling back to Paris, Texas that is, she, Wesley and I went out to try out a new, for her, pistol, my .380 carry gun and of course I have a CHL license.  From this brief trial, just think, her husband Paul, now will have to shell out and get her one like this!

We started out shooting from 10 paces, she’s a very good shot, but sprayed a couple, then I turned on the laser and of course, her scores improved dramatically!  It is amazing how you center the little red dot and the gun responds, as if by magic!

Once Suz had shot enough, she turned the pistol over to me and I cut loose too

The target we used shows the accuracy, the high and low shots were without the laser.

Of course Wesley wanted to know all about the .380 and below I’m showing him.

That reminds me of a story Brad brought back from Iraq.  They were a blocking force one night and a car sped toward them, they stopped the car, Brad whipped out his laser pointer, the Iraqis, thinking it was attached to a rifle or pistol became very docile as he centered the little red dot on each of the vehicles occupant’s forehead.  Needless to say, they were “bad guys” and never found out they were captured by a laser pointer.