More Outdoors Pictures, August 5, 2012

Sorry, but I have to relay some bad news.  You may remember the “Comedy Group”, originally there were 4 baby coons and the mother.  Fate has intervened and now there are 2 babies and the mother, the 4th being lost early and 2 days ago I found the remains of the 3rd.  Those remains were not 25 feet from the water trough and from their looks the felon was probably a bobcat!  Below is the last “shot” of them at the corn feeder on the night of July 11.  Now there are 2!

On a lighter note, Randy Pfaff from southern Colorado sent me this picture he took on one of his excursions, a picture of a group of big horn sheep, really nice ones!

Another friend from the Austin area, Billy Hill, sent me these 2 pictures of coyotes coming into water.
You know, it’s funny that I have no “shots” of bobcats or coyotes coming into the water trough, but with the closest water being over 3/4ths of a mile away, maybe they’re using it?