Scouting, March 14, 2011

Yesterday afternoon I went over to a neighbors place scouting around for a stray coyote or other predator.  Not seeing any of the 4 legged variety, I was lucky that I took my camera along, because what did I find, but several turkey tracks.

Last Thursday afternoon as I was going into the same place, the rancher was coming out and he told me the small creek was running now and he was going to put cows back in the next day, last Friday.

This little creek is a strange one because when it gets bone dry around here, this one starts flowing and for some reason, it draws turkeys, but as I walked in down the same right of way the only tracks that I saw were deer.

It has been so dry around here, no significant rain in over 6 months, I was afraid that this coming turkey season would be a wash out (that’s really a bad play on words).  It was encouraging to see the tracks, to know that a gobbler was stalking around, looking for a hen, there’s even a faint cow track below the turkey’s.

Yesterday was a different story, plenty of cow tracks, no deer, but the turkey walking along really got my attention.