More Outdoors Pictures, March 13, 2011

Last week I put out 2 game cams, 1 on a feeder and the other on a well used game trail.  We hadn’t been seeing many deer, bucks or doe, so, surprisingly, this herd of 6 doe showed up at the feeder.

At the same feeder, just after midnight, this coon appeared and it looked like he was trying to climb up and get all the corn.

A couple of hours later, 2 more coons arrived.  Probably the climber found the pickins’ good at this spot, so it went and got its buddy.

Wondering what the game trail cam would have and, with the warm weather, if it would have anything, mid Saturday morning, this young buck posed for a profile “shot”.

In the past, by mid March, the bucks had shed their antlers, but this one hadn’t.  Last week one of my friends commented that he’d just seen a nice buck and we both conversed that it was sure late for them to be sportin’ horns!