Score One For Ginger

Last week I went into town to pick up a water filter and as I walked into Mills County General Store, (it really is an old timey general store), on the counter along the entryway, there was a picture of a nice deer.

A closer look showed that it was a really, nice deer, being held up by a smiling Ginger Spies, obviously the shooter. Ginger and her husband, Rodney, own the Mills County General Store.

Walking to the back of the store I saw Rodney and asked him about the big deer. He told me that Ginger shot him on their ranch west of town, on the last day of the season, three minutes before the end of shooting time! The buck was walking in the general area around a deer feeder and took one step to many and, boom, Ginger dropped him with her .308.

The Spies took the deer to Warren Blesh, owner of [RRR Ranch], for B&C scoring and it came in at a whopping 144 and 4/5ths. The buck was 5-1/2 years old, with the beginnings of palmated antlers, as this picture shows.

The deer also qualified Ginger for the yearly, Texas Parks And Wildlife’s special dinner for bucks scoring over 130 B&C.

Yesterday, visiting Mickey Donahoo to pick up my bobcat mount, I went into his taxidermist shop and he showed me Ginger’s deer. Of course I didn’t have a camera, hence no picture of the beautiful mount.