Predator Calling

On February 20th I posted a story, “Bring enough Gun”, about not taking a shot at the coyote that I had called in. Between the rain, snow and cedar fever, it wasn’t until this past Wednesday afternoon, March 3rd, that I got back out to try and call up something else.

Selecting the same tree blind that I had used in the last post, I was guarding about an eighty yard, track, heading south, between two thick, copse of woods. Beginning the calling, it wasn’t long before I noticed something, definitely not a buzzard, arcing down in a graceful, not really a dive but more of a swoop, heading right towards me.

It was a big bird with a six or seven foot wingspread. At first I thought it was a Mexican eagle, but its head was dark with lighter flecks on its wings, then I surmised it was a golden eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos). It continued its swoop over me, then on out across the field, turned and caught the wind and headed north.

Locally, sheep and goats are dropping their young and these are easy pickings for winged and furry, predators. I’ve heard of red tailed hawks coming in to a game call, but never an eagle, or was this just a happenstance? If a fox, bobcat or coyote had hold of a jackrabbit, not only the rabbit but also the furry predator would become a meal for the eagle.

Keeping up the calling with the sun sinking down low, I noticed movement out in the field south of my property. Nine turkeys traipsing along the creek, then flying a few yards to roost in the small trees along the creek. As darkness approached I walked down to the fence. The birds were perched on the small branches in the tops of the trees and it never ceases to amaze me, how can those little limbs hold up a big, turkey?

In our county, spring turkey season opens on April 3rd and maybe this is an indication that this season will be much better than last’s.