Sunday morning a week ago, my wife, Layla, who is diabetic, had a heart attack! She woke me up around 12:30AM complaining of chest pains and her hands were numb. Calling 911, they came immediately and took her to the hospital in Hamilton, where they didn’t have a cardiologist, so they took her on to Scott & White in Temple, Texas.

Tuesday before last Layla had a triple bypass, then on Monday, last week, she had 2 arteries opened with stints. Her condition is still critical, today, Saturday, the 19th, she is still in a medically induced coma, but the docs will try to wake her up tomorrow.

Layla is the number 2 person at Softball Players Association, she is very religious and a regular attendee at the Church of Christ. The entire softball nation and people all over our country are praying for her and with God’s help she will return to us!

Needless to say, there will be no posts on this blog until she improves.