More Outdoors Pictures, October 4, 2013

Here come the doe and fawns, closing in on the corn/protein mix.  It looks like they can hardly wait, the corn is already on the ground and they’re closing in.

This 6 pointer is coming around at night, all the bucks are staying away from the feeders and I haven’t even been scouting yet.  Not wanting to scare the bucks, I’ll start scouting next week.

This buck, in the background, is staying away from the feeder.  The doe is looking him over, but he’ll only come so close.  He’s about 75 yards from the feeder.

There’s been no buck activity around the feeders for over 2 weeks, they are all busy making scrapes and rubs and I believe the rut will start early. Talking with a man in San Saba yesterday, he said, “The bucks are running doe right now!”