Pot Of Gold

Here in central Texas for the past few days we’ve had some unusual weather. It has been very, very windy, fifteen to twenty-five from the southeast and there have been thunder storms all around us. Rain wise, we’ve had showers and almost an inch, but the heavy stuff has missed us, same for this past Monday afternoon. The heavy rains had moved south of us in a line from Burnet toward Killeen.

Monday evening, around 7:30, I’d been in the old house reading my e-mails and when I walked outside and looked up, there were two rainbows that seemed to be right over my ranch. What a pretty sight. the clouds breaking, the colors. and just think, there were two of them

The rainbows were so big and so close, that I couldn’t take a picture of both of them in         their entirety, but from where I was standing it looked like the pot of gold was pretty close to                                                    Evant, Texas