Only Hens

On Tuesday of this week, I went turkey hunting, hopefully to see one of these gobblers and these “shots” were taken by the same game camera, but it”s astounding that the turkeys would only frequent only one feeder.  I guess a black eyed, pea brain size only can handle one feeder, haha!
Hoping to see a big gobbler, I think there are 2 around here, I sat down in my hide and waited 10 minutes before I started making hen turkey sounds.  Calling, I was immediately responded too, by clucks and puts, then a gobbler gobbled and I waited for one to come in.

As the wait got longer a single hen came into the feeder, then 2, then 3, another one came up, but didn’t go into the feeder.  All the while I waited for the gobbler to come up, no pictures because I was getting the shotgun into position, as the wait got longer I finally decided there would be no gobbler this hunt.

But, there would always be Thursday, I had a Docs appointment at Scott & White in Temple, but I should be back by 4:00 PM, plenty of time to go after the turkeys again. Lo, did I only know that following the appointment I would be grounded, not only grounded, but also strong warning from the Doc not to lift or strain anything, hoping the stitches wouldn’t pull out!

The Doc cut out a cancerous melanoma from my left shoulder that required 18 or 19 stitches to close up.  Softball will be out for 2, weeks, of course we had another tournament this weekend in San Antonio which I’ll miss, so for 2 weeks I’ll be on the DL, but he didn’t say anything about turkey hunting!