Now There Are Three

Coming back in from my morning walk on this past Tuesday, and no, I didn’t see or take a “shot” of anything, and walking toward the old ranch house I noticed a writin’ spider’s web where I hadn’t seen one before. This one, the third around the old house, was on the northeast corner and it was real busy writin’. The other two are on the southeast corner and on one of the eaves on the west side.

Why do they “write” on their web, a quick search of Wikipedia provided some answers. Their webs, especially the writin’, reflect UV light, attracts insects and, possibly, alerts larger animals about the web so the spider won’t be stepped on and squshed! Its bite is harmless to humans and even has some therapeutic medical agents in its venom.

Changing into my work clothes, I went back outside and took these “shots” of the third one.

On August 8, 2008 in “[The Writin’ Spider]” I took a picture of the first writin’ spider that I had come across. It was between the old house and the tool shed. She must have been successful, because now there are three!