A New Tower Blind

Three weeks ago while over in Temple, Texas to have my right knee examined at Scott & White, I stopped by an outdoors store and acquired a 12’ Tower Blind. My plan was to find a suitable spot on my place and seclude it behind some trees so that I would have a good overlook on deer coming and going.

Last Friday morning, Layla and I finished putting the Tower Blind together and since it weighs almost 200 pounds, we left it on the ground until we could get Colton and a couple of his football boys over and help us raise it.

Sunday afternoon we moved it into position where it could be raised and somewhat hidden and secluded between trees. The spot picked was in a small clearing within the brush line.]

The second picture shows the Tower Blind lined up with the small clearing. And no, the seat back and camo cover hasn’t been installed. I’m waiting until it’s set up and staked in securely. I’ll post pictures of the raising.