Morning Walk, September 30, 2010

For the past 9 days, the nights have been so bright here that there hasn’t been any “action” on my morning walks. No wildlife pictures, no nothing and because of the cool temps, not even a good sweat. On Tuesday, a gray fox ran across the road in front of me but was in the brush before I could get the camera up.

Yesterday morning, before I reached my turn around point I noticed a big doe and her two yearlings grazing alongside of a fence row, closer inspection showed one of the yearlings to be my “supposed”, melanistic deer. Once I stopped for a “shot”, up went their ears and finally they melted into the cover.

Reaching my turn around point and heading back toward my house, I noticed several deer running, tails up, from a swale towards some thick cover. Not looking towards me, there must have been another threat that had their undivided attention. They kept piling out, until there were at least 10 strung out, running across the field, not looking my way. Taking several “shots”, if I had been thinking, I would have put my camera on video and captured the entire scene.
Something, I don’t know what, scared the deer, but I kept on walking until finishing the 1.5 mile jaunt. Because of the cool weather, I barely broke a sweat!