Morning Walk, August 30, 2010

Since I had stuff to do and dove season was starting on Wednesday, this past Tuesday I was up before the sun and started my walk a little early. It was still dark when several hundred yards into my walk there was movement to my right and I snapped this “shot” of two deer. They were as surprised as I was!

As I was making my turn-around, this doe and her two fawns stood still long enough for a “shot”.

However they scattered in two different directions and I got this going away “shot” of the doe in high gear as she was departing the area!

As for Wednesday’s dove hunting, not many birds flying, not near enough hunters out in mid-week and for a place that has offered many limit hunts over the years, this hunt stunk! Our bag was one ring neck, three white wings and two mourners, hopefully, Saturday, with many hunters out, will be the day.