Morning Walk, June 29, 2011

No wind blowing this morning, maybe there will be game movement?  Not having even cleared the cattle gate, as I looked to my left, there was a skunk.  My first thought was to go get a rifle from the house and dispatch it, no, that would take too long, so I took these two “shots” with my camera.
Unlimbering my pistol at extreme range, to no avail except the skunk letting loose, I let loose two errant shots.  When last seen the skunk was heading west toward the thick stuff!

A hundred yards into my walk, a doe and her fawn were watching me as I passed.  To get a better look at the fawn, click on the picture.  Getting this “shot”, before I could get off another they were gone.

Along a fence line, these two doe had heard me coming and as I watched, they both slunk off into the thick stuff.  Walking quietly is tough on our gravel roads!

A hundred yards up the road this young jackrabbit was just sittin’ and enjoying the morning.  He sat still for a “shot”, but when I moved a few feet toward him, he sensed the danger and sped away.

Two mornings ago, I shot another young jack with my .22 auto.  I knew he was young because when I shot and missed it, instead of running off at full speed, he just hopped a few feet and continued nibbling at the tender shoots of grass.  Big mistake!