Morning Walk, August 20, 2010

Having really been in a white-out, fogged in situation before, see my September 17, 2009 post, [White Out], yesterday morning as I stepped out for my third try at a morning walk, there were wisps of fog hanging off the ground in the trees.

Thinking nothing about the fog, that in the middle of August is unusual around this part of central, Texas, I walked on. As I reached the old windmill on Crumley’s property and looked out over his field, there wasn’t much seeing since the fog was heavy and everything was fogged in!

Finishing my fog bound walk, of course, I didn’t see any deer or get any “shots”, but there was one real positive thing that happened – my right knee felt fine and didn’t hurt. Playing softball, with my Unloader Brace on, I can hit and run, but walking irritates the bone-on- bone situation, but today my knee felt fine!

This spring and summer having tried two other times to start my morning walks and both ending with a sore knee, this was a great step (no pun intended) forward and I even worked up a real good sweat!