More Outdoors Pictures, August 22, 2010

Last Tuesday I drove over to Temple and visited with my knee doctor and got the same old report from him, “In two or three years you’ll need a replacement for your right knee.” Not liking his report any better this time, on Wednesday I drove up to Irving and, despite the killing heat, 115 on Thursday, played in five, Senior Softball games. It was so hot and humid that our third game on Thursday was canceled.

As a side note, during the two-day tournament, three players fell out, with one having to be hospitalized for heat stroke. All three ate no breakfast and drank only sports drinks, no water. Replacing electrolytes are fine, but you have to replace the water that is sweated out!

After getting home from Temple, late Tuesday afternoon, I was able to get a couple of “shots” of a big, buck. This one is probably the one I mentioned in my August 14, post, [More Outdoors Pictures].

There was a group of 6 deer and the big one, the buck, in the middle, has his head down browsing.

After the heard broke up, the big one is still in the center of this “shot”. Cropping the picture helps some to see his size.

A third “shot” of the big one and more cropping shows the excellent size of this big boy!

I wonder if that young, dark one is a melanistic deer?