More Outdoors Pictures, October 9, 2009

Our Kids and Grandkids are neat and they do some neat things! As they get older (they’re still kids, however) their toys get bigger and the rewards they get, get bigger.

Warren Blesh owner of RRR Ranch in Mills County, sent me this picture of his Daughter and the nice black buck that she captured.

She got the buck but needed ten stitches to close up the wound in her forehead. Our Texas women are tough!

Randy Pfaff sent me this picture of one of his son’s and a nice mule deer he just nailed.

Suzanne, one of my Daughter’s, took this picture of Wesley, her boy and I baiting up my hog trap. The bait was successful and I caught a calf! We hurried so much to get it out of the trap that I didn’t take my camera and never thought about taking a picture of the calf in the hog trap!