More Outdoors Pictures, November 27, 2010

This past Monday, I moved the game camera to along a very well used game trail and the results were surprising. Thanksgiving morning, after picking up Wesley and Paul from their unsuccessful hunt, we stopped by the game cam and changed out the 2 GB memory card and displaying its contents on my PC, we got a couple of neat pictures.

First, at 4:00 AM on the 23rd, the deer, later shown to be an 8 pointer, walks away from the camera.

Then at 7:00 AM on the same day, probably the same deer, with a much better picture of his 8 points, is again walking along the same trail. Earlier in the year the buck must have been injured on his right side, because his left horns are smaller, or else broken off from fighting. This is the first time we’ve seen or photographed this deer. He’s really patrolling this trail, because he must know something we don’t know!

On the 25th a spike comes browsing along. Opening morning, this spike, or his twin, came walking along the same trail and I passed on shooting him, saving it for the grandsons.

Thanksgiving morning, a big norther came blowing in, bring with it heavy clouds, a 20-25 MPH wind and cold temps. The temp at noon was 41 and still dropping, however, this didn’t stop the hunters with Layla, Sean and 7 year old, Will taking to the big blind and seeing a couple of doe and one spike that Sean couldn’t get on quick enough. Paul and Wesley climbed into the tree stand and in the real thick stuff, didn’t see anything. The norther really slowed down the deer movement