More Outdoors Pictures, November 1, 2012

Rifle deer season opens in our great State this Saturday morning and I plan on opening it, God willing, in MaMaw’s blind, the same one where Colton shot his big deer last year, see my post, [Deer Season, December 26, 2011].  The reason I’m going to MaMaw’s blind is because one particular big buck, I have named him “Big Daddy”, has been frequenting the spot and it will tickle the readers to see this sequence of “shots”.

Early on the morning of October 27th, this nice 8 pointer showed up at the feeder.  His neck isn’t even very swollen, has good brow tines, but not much height to his horns.  Then 2 days later at almost 8:00 AM, “Big Daddy” shows up, a very mature buck that I had been seeing nosing around the doe, he’s been around 2 evenings this week, he’s ready, but they aren’t!
Here’s a good look at his size and swollen neck as he runs a doe out from under the feeder.

Then, as a doe stares at him, he goes over beside the feeder enclosure and lies down, I have never seen this before!  He’ll just wait around for a hot doe to show up, besides he needs his rest.

He finally moves on off, still searching, but then show up at the water trough, early in the morning of the 31st.  This “shot” really shows his big neck and size.