Deer Season, 2012

Opening morning of the 2012 deer season found me in the corner blind awaiting sun up.  Sun up came and went, no fusillade of shots, it sounded like the third or fourth day, not very many shots, until around 8:30 AM, then a steady booming.  Finally, a yearling came out then followed by its doe, look carefully the yearling is to the right, inside of the feeder, head down feeding.

Tim went to the Porta Potty blind, missed a doe, while Colton and a friend shot a spike.

They had to get back early, so they cleaned it and left before I could get a picture, but here’s a “shot” from a game cam of the eliminated spike.

Saturday afternoon I went out to a feeder that had only been feeding for the past 2 weeks, for a while nothing, then a yearling came out and fed, then an overly cautious doe, obviously the mom, came out and fed too.  The doe kept looking over into the thick stuff, she’d feed, then quickly glance up, repeating this process several times until she and the yearling trotted off, exactly to where to she had been glancing.  No pictures of course.

No hunting Sunday morning and I went out to MaMaw’s blind that afternoon and got eaten up by mosquitoes, only saw 2 doe and a yearling, one of the doe and her yearling are pictured below.

Monday morning I was up early and walked to a stand away from any feeders, by 8:30 I hadn’t seen anything, then a buck walked right below where I was sitting, stopped, looked up, as if he didn’t see me and kept walking on, checking his rub line.  He stopped, turned his side toward me as I got the .270 up and on him, right in my scope, then I didn’t shoot.  He was so close that I couldn’t risk getting up the camera.  He wasn’t “Big Daddy”, but the 8 pointer in the “shot” below.

Back on rub lines, bucks will check them occasionally, rub lines are territorial and they are always in a straight line around the bucks territory.  Below are 2 pictures of rubs, the first is by the stand I was using and the other is 150 yards away, in a straight line.