More Outdoors Pictures, June 7, 2013

Turkeys galore!  Maybe some of them will come by during deer season.  Why, you ask?  Usually, during deer season the turkeys move down towards the Colorado River, about 5 miles from my ranch, but this year I have at least two birds nesting on the place, I know because I’ve scared both of them up, here’s one of them.  See for your self the great quantity of wild game that comes into the corn/protein feeders, a buck and a doe, a turkey and a squirrel, along with buzzards, hogs, rabbits and coons and maybe, chupacabras?

Here’s a “shot of 6 doe, all in various stages of pregnancy.  The doe in the right foreground may have had her fawn already.

This “shot” shows a turkey running into the feeder, this was just before she started struttin’.  See my post of May 2, 2013, “Jakettes“.  She obviously thinks that since she’s growing a beard that she gets to strut!
Finally, a “shot” of two nice, bucks, come early November both will have good horns and will be definite shooters!

You’ll note that my game cams show erroneous times, since I have been laid up with the operation, I couldn’t “stump” around and fix them, maybe next week?