More Outdoors Pictures, June 28, 2010

Visiting with Bob Baugh recently, he had found some pictures of me taken in the 1980’s that he shared. Catching, cleaning and cooking fish has always been one of my “jobs”. These old pictures show me at my best.
In the first one, standing in Bob’s, trailered, twenty-three foot Formula, the tackle has been washed down and I’ve just finished filleting one side of about a ten pound, amberjack.

The other shows me hard at work in front of Bob’s house cutting up some chum for the next day’s trip. After years of having sores on my hands from cleaning fish, I finally found out that by holding fish in a towel ,as shown, as I filleted them, stopped the problem!

Bob Baugh’s ex wife caught this hundred and sixty-five pound, marlin while on a trip to Mazatlan. I had taken some great, pictures during the fight, but over time, they’ve been lost.

In 1970, during a cool, foggy morning in West Galveston Bay, this five pound, redfish mistakenly fell victim to my bait and ended up in the frying pan. I wasn’t being “cool” with the shades, but the polarized sun glasses cut right through the morning haze. This old picture of mine just turned up.