More Outdoors Pictures, July 9, 2012

Checking the game cam on July 3rd, around the feeder, it appeared that one of the comedy group, a little one, had met its demise, coon versus bobcat equals dead and eaten coon.  But then, on July 7, at the water trough, what showed up, but the momma coon and 4 little ones.
Meanwhile, back at the water trough, we’ve been going through a prolonged dry spell, rains on the way, but the wildlife is congregating around the water.  The doe are regularly dropping their fawns now and this “shot” shows 2 doe, 2 fawns, a spike and another doe, either getting a drink or getting ready to.

This “shot” is of a roadrunner and what looks like a spike to be, the spike to be being hesitant to water, but the bird acts as if he owns the place!

Finally, late in the evening of the 7th, the bucks showed up.  The first “shot” is of a nice 6 pointer already well outside of its ears.  What’s bad about this one, he was a 6 last year, a 6 this year and it’s my guess he’ll be a 6 next year, survival is questionable! In the background of the first “shot” a real good 8 is hovering around and he finally comes up after the other bucks have moved off.  He’s outside of his ears too and a much bigger deer than the 6, he’s probably 4 years old, will be 4-1/2 by winter and shootable!