More Outdoors Pictures, January 31, 2012

The game cam’s continues to get some interesting “shots”!  Going back to the first of the month there is this one of an old doe, she’s very nocturnal, only feeds at night, whenever possible avoids feeders, and it’s been at least a year since I’ve seen her around the place, she almost looks like the deer drawings in a cave.  Because of her age, she’s only having a single fawn now.  How old is she, 8 or 9, who knows, but maybe we’ll get her next year?

Here’s a “shot” of a spike we missed this year.  Mickey Donahoo said he thought he’d seen him during the special doe and spike season, so this fellow will have to wait ‘till next year.

This young, 8 pointer was “shot” on December 6th.   His horns are just outside of his ears, a shooter based on our game laws and I was hoping he’d survive for the next season.  The second “shot” on January 23rd shows that he made it and he should be a real good one next season!
This “shot”, taken on December 8th, shows a gray fox in broad daylight.

These are normally nocturnal creatures, shown in the “shot” of January 10th and very seldom seen during the day, however, in daylight, they will respond to an injured rabbit call.