More Outdoors Pictures, December 28, 2011

No collection of outdoors pictures would be complete without a picture of the big buck that Colton shot on Christmas Eve, not the “shot” of a happy hunter beaming over a good buck, but a European mount (to be) of the old deer.  The picture also includes Colton’s knife and his bloodstained truck.

More pictures of the young buck, now named the “reacher”, that definitely has broken the code and figured out how to maximize his “chow time”!  He’s shown reaching his nose and mouth into the feeder mechanism and getting his fill and punctually, every morning around 8:00 AM, he comes by and helps himself. Daily, we count on him coming by MaMaw’s blind and putting on his show, but this morning, Wesley and I were waiting in ambush at the blind, the “reacher” came by, but no show.  We both wondered if shooting the big buck scared him some?
This time of year, driving by the stock tank on the corner of Highway 16 and County Road 406, I always look over and check to see if any ducks are present.  These “shots” shows some northern shovellers, Anas clypeata, AKA, spoonbills, spoonies, smilin’ mallards, heads down, using their spoonbills to browse and a widgeon drake, a pretty duck that almost looks like a decoy.  He was the only widgeon on the stock tank, obviously waiting for more of his breed to show up.