Deer Season, December 26 2011

The last game cam “shot”, taken this past Friday morning of the pot bellied buck.

Saturday morning I went outside to wait for Colton and was chased back in because it was raining, not heavy, but a good sprinkle.  As he and I walked out to MaMaw’s blind, the rain had let up and a light north wind was to our back, this was perfect, since the wind was blowing toward the blind.  We took the long way, sneaking in and climbing a fence, but we reached the back of the elevated blind, climbed in quietly and waited for shooting time.

First out after the corn/protein feeder went off was a young 6 pointer, he browsed around, but nervously kept looking to our left into the heavy thick stuff, like he heard, or saw, something.  Ten minutes later behind the fence on the feeder, out walked “Pot Belly”, checking the wind and surveying his domain as I nudged Colton.  This morning he was using my .270 with some of Brad’s reloads, 115 grain BTHP’s smokin’ out of the barrel at over 4,000 FPS, a real white tail eliminator!  We didn’t look directly at the buck, didn’t take any pictures and “Pot Belly” took his time nosing around on the corn.  Finally he cleared the side of the fence, the .270 boomed, “Pot Belly” dropped in his tracks and I took this “shot” from the blind and next is a game cam shot of us backing the tractor up to the buck.
Here’s Colton with his trophy.  Talking with him Saturday afternoon, he was already boiling the head (outside of course) to make a European mount.

Below is a picture of “Pot Belly’s” front teeth, his incisors, he only had 2, the others being worn down and, based on his molars he was aged at 7-1/2 years well past his prime and ready for harvesting.

As we were walking back to get the tractor, Colton said to me, “You know Poppy this is the second nice buck you’ve helped me to get.  We’re going to have to do this more often.  See my post on October 18, 2011, “[First Buck]”, about Colton’s first buck.