More Outdoors Pictures, December 27, 2010

In Mills county, Texas, over the Christmas holidays, the bucks were still moving around.  James Crumley sent me this picture of his Son and a ten pointer, with several broken tines, that he bagged on Christmas Eve Afternoon, while still hunting along a beautiful, seasonal draw.  Crumley’s ranch borders mine along County Road 408 and is a real nice place!

Not to be outdone James’ other son, also while still hunting on Christmas Afternoon, bagged this buck that James says, “May be the biggest one shot on his place in a long time!”  This one looks kinda’ funny since it appears not to have any brow tines, but the tines have been broken off right at hide level.  Must have been a big fight!

Talking about big fights, on November 23rd, one of my game cams took this “shot” of another nice buck that has some major damage done to one of his antlers.  Unless later, he also broke off his brow tines, this probably isn’t the big one shot by James’ son.

These bucks have been doing some serious fighting!