More Outdoors Pictures, December 1, 2011

Wesley, after his successful buck find for Randy, sent me a “shot” of the buck he killed on November 10th.  Notice the date of the “shot” is November 9th.  Wesley is on his way to becoming an excellent deer hunter and tracker.

One of my Senior Softball buddies, Billy Hill from the Austin area, sent me this shot of a nice backyard buck taken on the day before the rifle season opened, November 5th.

The same day I got some “shots” of a really big, 5-1/2 year old, buck and a young 6 pointer.  We have seen the big buck once since the opener, right at dusk/dark, at 220 yards, moving through the thick stuff. We’ve seen the young 6 chasing doe several times.  It’s funny how the really big ones seem to know when the rifle season opens and then just disappear when the shooting starts!

Yesterday, on my way home from town, one of my neighbor’s stock tank held a bunch of early arrival, widgeon ducks and using my telephoto, got this “shot”.  Thinking at first that the 3 ducks with yellow bills were female gadwalls, they also are a light color with a blaze of white along their shoulders, maybe they are a widgeon/gadwall hybrid?  They definitely are traveling with a group of male widgeons.