More Outdoors Pictures, August 4, 2010

My friend and former business partner, Bob Baugh, lives in an area south of Rosenberg, Texas. Last week he sent me some pictures of white wing doves on a telephone line, behind his house. They feed these birds and it looks like it’s chow time!

The white wings are lined up.

More of them.

And, here’s the whole bunch.

Years ago, my Dad befriended a farmer in this area, Vasilav Vacek, and he arranged for us to hunt on his and several of his friend’s property, almost a thousand acres. See my November 17, 2008 post,[Vacek’s]. The white wings didn’t move into this area until twenty, or so, years ago, now they are everywhere and have taken over, except for the panhandle, most of our fine, State. I’ve even seen them as far north as Plano, Texas.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s this provided my Dad and I with some wonderful mourning dove and duck hunting, but now, the area is built up with shopping centers, homes, industrial sites and very little farming. All we can do now is admire the wildlife.