Hot Springs Was Hot

Stumpy and his Texans overcame the high heat, 100’s, and high humidity, 80’s to 90’s and won the Senior Softball tournament held this past weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The Texans opened the tournament with a victory over the Texas Greyhounds, making it ten in a row over their rivals, but on Friday The Texans couldn’t overcome a rash of errors and lost a close one to the Greyhounds, 13-12. Both teams had a 5 and 1 record, but the tournament championship was decided on a “runs given up”, tie breaker and resulted in a victory for The Texans!

Here, The Texans, the smiling victors, pose for a championship picture.

In the tournament there was an 80 and over team, The Southwest Stars, pictured below.

Counting the Stars, there are four other 80 and over teams in the U.S. In the Hot Springs tournament, battling the heat and humidity, the Stars played three 75 and over teams and ended up with a record of 4 wins and 2 losses. The losses were both close games, one runners, and could have gone either way. Over the years, I’ve watched these men play, played with some of them on championship teams and still marvel at their skill and endurance!

Over the next two weeks The Texans will decide about their next tournament. They’ll either play in the Southwest National Championships held in Irving, Texas on August 12 and 13 or the SPA National Championships in Dalton, Georgia, September 2 through 5, or both.