More Outdoors Pictures, August 29, 2012

Starting today’s post off with a young deer that hasn’t show up before.  The young buck doesn’t have any brow tines, but he has good genes, he’s only 2-1/2, so give him 2 more years.

Meep, meep, it’s the roadrunner again getting a drink.  We had rain showers last Monday .4 inches so it has cooled off considerably, the temp was “only” 87, but the humidity was over 80.  Digressing, being from the Houston area and living in Galveston for 6 years, here in Goldthwaite we haven’t had a 90 square day, that’s a day when the temp and humidity are both over 90, since I’ve retired up here.

The young 5 pointer we’ve seen before, a young one, 1-1/2 years old is seen with 2 doe, one’s his sister, but she’ll run him off when she goes into estrus.  Colton took their mom last year.
Next, ever seen a deer biting another?  Here’s a “shot” of the very thing.  This buck, a 3-1/2 year old, 8 pointer, is obviously saying to the fawn, “Stay away when I’m eating.”

Here’s the spike that I took a pic of last week, only he’s with 8 other doe and fawns, this qualifies as a herd of deer, also, the batteries ran out on the game cam and I didn’t know I had to reset the date!