More Outdoors Pictures, August 20, 2012

This is a very “blah” time of the year, 10 more days and dove season opens, 25 more and early teal season opens, but nothing much is happening right now.  It rained last Thursday, we got a half-inch, then it rained Friday night and Goldthwaite’s football scrimmage against Sonora was a wet one, at the ranch we got .2 inch, so overall, we got .7 inches, not a drought breaker, but the rain was the “big deal” this past week!  Keep it coming Lord!

The batteries went out on the game cam at the water trough so not many “shots” there, but a “new” 6 pointer showed up, one of the doe was even looking him over.

The comedy crew made an appearance, 5 originally counting the mother, now only 3.

At the feeder Layla and turned on last Sunday, look closely and a fox is visible in the grass.

Then, at the feeder at MaMaw’s blind, these 2 doe appear to be sparring, but, I bet they’re trying to get at the corn.