More Outdoors Pictures, August 17, 2012

This past Sunday afternoon, August 12th, Layla and I “turned on” another corn/protein feeder this one’s in a corner of the ranch and is the same one that Randy shot his big buck last December.  See my post on November 27th, [Deer Season (Perseverance)] and my post on November 29th, [Deer Season].  Both posts have some good pictures taken on the spot and tell the story of an overnight deer find.

The first deer to show up at this “new” feeder was this nice doe and this feeder will get a lot of deer traffic, because it’s about a half mile from the feeder at MaMaw’s blind.

Then, before light on Tuesday morning, this buck, with a damaged rack, showed up and, I bet, I know where he injured it.  Three weeks ago, coming home from San Saba, the night was cool(er) than the day, it was 105 that afternoon, and when I turned off on to the dirt road, two bucks ran in front of me.  Slamming on my brakes, one buck jumped the fence and the other slammed, bam, into the fence then backing up, jumped over it.  Thinking at the time, I bet the second buck hurt his antlers, this may be that buck?
Compared to a really good buck, this “shot” was taken on the 9th, it’s apparent that age, probably a 3 year old, versus a 4-1/2 and filled out size are the differences.