More On My Book

This past week, I’ve talked with two people who have read “[The End Of The Line”] and both had positive things to say about it.

First was R.C. Edmundson, a retired ag. teacher and girls basketball coach who said, “It was a good read and I liked it.” Asking R.C. to send me an e-mail with his synopsis of the book, he told me that he’d given up e-mailing. End of review!

The second comment was from Karen Steelgrave, a second cousin, a retired teacher and school counselor. She did send me an e-mail and a portion of it follows:

“Received your book in the mail today. Didn’t put it down until I finished it. I really enjoyed the stories and the pictures.”

I’m glad that these two enjoyed the book and let me know what they thought about it.

(I must be getting liberal because it makes me “feel good” too!)