Money Saving Tips

On November 5, the day before deer season opened, I went down to Mills County General Store, and bought me a new .243 rifle. It was a Remington, Model 770. Back in 1978 I bought Randy a Remington 660 in .243, caliber. He has killed over 30 deer with it and it has served him well. In fact his two oldest sons, Austin and Sean have used it successfully to score their first kills. This story is highlighted in my November 13, 2009 post, “[Like Father, Like Sons]”.

Back to my new rifle, I took it out to my range and at 25 yards it put 1 high and 1 low and right away, I knew something wasn’t right. That something was the scope and for some reason it was loose. Taking it back to the General Store, they fixed it, now, between deer season and high school football and basketball, I’ve finally carved out some time, hopefully, to get the new rifle sighted in.

Sunday afternoon, after a lunch of chicken fajitas, guacamole, sweet tea and plenty of hot sauce, I took the new rifle out to my range and sighted it in, however, using all of my bullets, and with my 100 grain, BTSP being back ordered, I’ll have to buy some “store” bullets. I’ll order these tomorrow from [The Sportsman’s Guide], with them having a very competitive price and a good selection of [rifle ammunition]!

Here’s a pic of me sighting in the rifle. Notice the sack of corn under the rifle. The corn gives as good stability as a fancy gun holder and costs less than $6.00 and, price performance wise, it’s hard to beat that deal! Looks like 2 money savings tips to me.