Loading The Deer Feeders

The next to last item on this year’s “Getting Ready” list is loading the feeders.

Gravity is just finishing draining the feed corn out of the bag.

After going “down town”. I stopped at my friend Warren Blesh’s, RRR Feeds, and picked up 20, 50 pound, bags of feed corn for the feeders. Loading up the feeders is not a glorious event like shooting a B&C buck or winning a National Championship. It is just backing up to the feeder, taking off the cover, cutting the top off of the corn bag, then hefting the bag and corn up and over the edge and gravity takes over. Close up the feeder, drive to the next one and soon you are done.

Layla, Spike, our Deer finder, and I started at The Guest Blind” and ended at “Colton’s Blind”, now having 5 full feeders. Two of the blinds only have food plots and “The Crooked Blind” just sits by near a well used trail and has no attractant.

Our hope is the Deer eat up all of the acorns soon and then start on the corn.