Just Taking Pictures

Having gone out to just take pictures of some bucks on opening day, I climbed up into MaMaw’s blind, she always said, “Big bucks are shot from my blind”!   Being more into bucks chasing doe, I was more interested in pictures.  Not wanting to shoot a buck, I was surprised when I saw a doe and following close behind her was a buck, definitely a shooter!  This one had a tall rack, 8 or 9 points and was definitely, definitely a shooter!

I had carried along my .270 I really wasn’t looking to shoot a buck this A.M. being more interested in pictures.  But what the heck, centering the crosshairs behind the shoulder, I fired, the buck hopped took one step and fell dead!

He was 5-1/2 years old, he made it this far by being cautious, but chasing a doe got him in big trouble. This was the same buck that had challenged the buck I shot two years ago.  The pic shows him kicking up dust, (we have a lot of that around here).

He scored 134 4/8 B&C, I was surprised he scored so low, but weighed around 135-150.