Bekah’s Big Buck

My grand daughter, Beckah, (Rebeccah), scored on a big buck on November 9th, she was watching the buck for about 10 minutes then she shot him, with Randy’s old rifle, a Remington 660.  We bought this gun at Oshman’s in Atlanta, Ga.; he has shot 36 deer with it.  See my post, [Buck Fever], of July 24th, 2008.

There was a lot of activity around the thick stuff, turkeys were gobbling, doe and bucks were moving, then Bekah saw her opportunity and nailed him, about 50 yards from MaMaw’s blind.

Yes, MaMaw’s blind.  She had gone out with her dad and they had gone to MaMaw’s blind, because Randy had good luck there in the past seasons.  I had planned on going to Sunday School, but that wish was cut short when Randy called to let me know that Beckah had shot a nice one, so I took the tractor down to pick it up, however we did make Church!

The buck was fat, had 10 points (almost 11) and scored 130 raw on Boone and Crockett!