I’m Dreaming Of A White Easter

On Wednesday, April 4, the weather forecast was for a front to come in on Friday, with a low temperature in the 40’s. Thursdays forecast for Saturday was for a low of 35°, which changed on Friday to a low of 33° in Waco, with freezing temperatures in the rural areas and a chance of sleet and possibly snow in northwest, Central Texas. By Saturday this possibility became a reality!

Saturday morning, during breakfast, I looked outside and noticed sleet/snow falling. At the time I thought, snow, neat! Layla and I had to go to Copperas Cove for a Grandson’s 18th birthday party and, all the way over, sleet/snow was still falling with some sticking under the trees and on plowed ground. No big deal!

We arrived at ‘Cove at 2:15 PM and by 2:30 PM the sky was falling on us. Huge flakes, the size of silver dollars, were floating down. The festivities ended around 5:00 PM, huge flakes still falling, snow everywhere, as we headed for Goldthwaite.

Bluebonnets and Snow, April 7, 2007

It snowed on us all the way back through Lampassas and Lometa, the flakes just smaller, but a lot of snow on the ground. Getting home around 6:30 PM, it was still snowing and we decided to go out and get some pictures. The Bluebonnets, that I had never seen covered with snow, were beautiful, but the Indian Paint Brushes were bowed down with the white stuff and couldn’t be seen. I think Cactus and snow are very unusual!


Overall, at our house, we had within a half inch of the January, 2007 snow, but all of this was the day before Easter. It ran through my head, “I’m Dreaming Of A White Easter”. Wool slacks will be the order for Church tomorrow. How crazy this is!

My son, Brad, who lives in ‘Cove, lost an entire limb off of a five year old, peach tree, with hundreds of tiny peaches on it, because of the weight of the snow! And, to top it all off, this morning, I heard a noted weatherman say, “I would never had forecasted this much snow on Easter.”

So much for “Global Warming”.