Haney’s Ranch – The Gift

Bubba Broussard and I were driving to Rick Haney’s ranch for a Quail hunt and Houston to Abilene, Texas, is a pleasant 6 hour drive, counting a stop to grab something to eat. It’s funny how friends can talk for hours and not cover the same subject. This was one of those times.

Asking Bubba, “Have you ever heard of The Gift”, he replied, “What’s that?” I went on to tell him that some of my Aunts on my Dad’s side told me that I may have “The Gift”. My Dad’s family is three-fourths Irish, the Bryan’s stemming from Brian deBouf, the thirteenth century Irishman who united the island and became Ireland’s first King.

I continued, we were O’Brians until dispossessed by the British, forced to change the spelling of our names, and just made it to the New World in the late 1600’s, barely escaping the English hangman’s noose. Old Gaelic traditions die hard.

Closing I told him that having “The Gift” enables me to “witch” for water, and over half of the time when I’m about to receive a phone call, something internal tells me who is calling before the phone rings. In dreams, I’ve been visited by deceased relatives, and Brad calls this “Post Cards From Heaven”. Also, my hands are thick. This has something to do with it too.

Bubba’s answer to me, “Man, I never knew you were that strange!”