Ground Hog Day

This past Saturday, February 2, 2013, was Ground Hog Day.  This was a huge celebration in Pennsylvania, settled by Germans, home of the day.  The German influence goes way back in time to the Romans who had conquered half of the British Isles they took the custom over to the mainland and influenced the Teutons (Germans), them thinking this was a good way to see if winter would drag on, or end.

It was cloudy in Pennsylvania this past Saturday the ground hog didn’t see his shadow so spring is near.  But in Texas things were different.

Bee Cave Bob, our local prognosticator, an armadillo, came out of his burrow, saw his shadow and went back in.  Six more weeks of winter down here!  This picture is of an armadillo that wandered into our yard.

Our weather forecasters need to get their act together, because this sounds like a serious dichotomy to me.