Favorite Pictures

Looking back over my blogging career, some pictures taken are really good, some pictures that I took missed the point and some are just plain bad!  Three that stand out are pictures that tell a story in themselves, stories of stealth, challenges and escape.  The following expands a little on these 3 pictures.

The first, a sailfish jumping in the harbor in Mazatlan, Mexico, see my post of June 28, 2008, [“Sailfish In Mazatlan Harbor”], I had rented a fishing boat for a day, we had just put out the lines, even before we cleared the harbor mouth and this sail hit one.  He jumped several times and, luckily, I snapped this picture at the right time.  We landed the fish, a nice one, I had it mounted, but it was destroyed by a tornado in Spring, Texas, but that too is another story.

The second, was of a turkey in 2009, truly a remarkable picture, my post [“Counting Coup”], I had really counted coup, an old Indian term, meaning to touch an enemy warrior, with a coup stick, very brave and a very Indian thing, on this turkey.  He came along searching for this hen, I was clucking away, but no clucks when he was this close, not 6 feet, fearing he would see the movement.

The last is of the big buck lying on the ground that I shot on November 7, 2012, my post [“Challenge Unanswered”] and his proposed opponent.  The second buck is pawing up the ground, stirring up the dust, which is pictured.  The second buck was challenging the big one to the doe he was following, of course, it was unanswered.