Get Active, Our Second Amendment Is At Stake

Yesterday, our “rulers” in Washington rammed the pork laden, stimulus package down our throats, even though polls showed that almost 70 percent of the American people were opposed to it. These same “rulers” want our guns!

As shooters, hunters and gun owners, we are already being targeted by this new administration with subtle threats that all point toward the taking away or seriously limiting our access to our guns and even our ammunition! Some of our adversaries are all to familiar; Eric Holder, Attorney General, Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff and Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State.

These politicians, our “rulers” and their anti gun cronies, are all to eager to force us into gun registration, gun licensing, ammunition bans and the imposition of huge Federal taxes on our guns and ammo. All of this with the intent to neuter our Second Amendment!

You ask, “But what can I do.” You’d be surprised at what one person can do. Make a lot of noise! Join the National rifle Association who speaks loudly for our gun rights! Upgrade your NRA, membership to a Life or Endowment member. Call and fax both your State and Federal Congressman, and Senators and don’t forget your Governor. Let them all know that you oppose any efforts to weaken or dilute our Second Amendment.

If we sit on our thumbs, we’ll lose this right that so many Patriots have fought and died for. Everyone must get involved and get active!